Graphics for Making Sheet Metal Flowers

Graphics for Making Sheet Metal Flowers

You can make beautiful flowers from thin sheet metal as thin as 28-gauge up to 18-gauge. These flowers can be used as everlasting tributes for departed loved ones or they can brighten nursing home and hospital rooms.

Find a source of thin sheet metal. Steel or aluminum cans can be flattened to make these flowers, or you can purchase new sheet steel.

Lay out circles on sheet steel using a black permanent marker. Cut with metal shears or use a stamping machine. Cut circles into six equal, attached sections from the edge to 1/4-inch from the center point. Bend each section into a petal shape as shown in Figure A.

 Figure A

Trim petals to give them a more rounded shape, as shown in Figure B. Figure B

Mark the center point of each flower. Bend each petal up and toward the center. You may attach flower to a stem if desired, by soldering, gluing or running a wire through the hole in the center. If desired,  give the petals a brushed finish with wire wheel on a bench grinder. The results are spectacular.

“Overclocked,” by Gypsy Wilburn

“Momentum” by Gypsy Wilburn July 2010

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wendym, posted this comment on Jan 21st, 2010

Very cool idea, I would love to see how the finished flowers look.

wendym, posted this comment on Dec 25th, 2011

They are beautiful, thanks for adding the pics of the finished flowers.

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